100 mattresses for SOS Children’s Village institutions in Germany

Helping those in need: That has always been a very special concern to Wenatex. The business has helped to support a wide variety of SOS Children’s Village institutions many times in the past – because disadvantaged children in particular need our special attention and support. Once again, Wenatex has provided 100 mattresses for numerous SOS Children’s Village institutions in Germany. The delight created by Wenatex´ support was tremendous.

Wenatex puts a sparkle in children’s eyes: Our company has recently donated 100 mattresses to a variety of SOS Children’s Village institutions in Germany. This time support was given to the SOS Village Communities of Grimmen Hohenwieden and Hohenroth, the SOS Children’s Villages in Saarbrücken, Lower Rhine, Upper Platinate, Pfalz, Sauerland and the Black forest, the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Berlin, the SOS Children and Adolescent Aid Centre in Kaiserslautern and the SOS Mothers’ Centres in Salzgitter and Zwickau.

Children and adolescents, as well as adults, who find themselves in difficult situations, need a home that is filled with an atmosphere of loving care – a place in which they feel safe and comfortably secure. Of course, comfort and well-being also have a lot to do with restful sleep, which is why the recipients at the various SOS Children’s Village institutions were tremendously delighted about the new mattresses. “This is an amazing gift and the mattresses are an absolute dream!” exclaimed, among others, the adolescents in Kaiserslauten gratefully, and they even sent a snapshot along with their thanks to Wenatex.