GfK Study

Customer survey carried out by the GfK Market Survey Institute in Germany

The results of the GfK customer satisfaction study 2016, in which 1001 Wenatex customers from Germany were questioned, are most convincing. Excellent customer service and top quality in all of our products are the solid foundation of our long-term success. This has been confirmed by the new GfK study in 2016, just like the studies from the years 2010 and 2012. The new study reveals that an overwhelming majority of 99 per cent of those questioned are all-in-all satisfied with the Wenatex enterprise itself, the sleep advice, the products and the services.


Wenatex customers sleep better

We are permanently and intensively engaged in research, product development and quality assurance in order to help our customers achieve a higher quality of life through regenerative sleep.
This commitment pays off: 82 per cent of the questioned customers stated that their sleep had improved or even considerably improved since using the Wenatex sleep system.

The health and safety of our customers is important to us.

The products that we manufacture are subject to constant internal function and quality tests, as well as regular tests carried out by renowned external independent institutes. Our customers also appreciate our own high quality standards. 99 per cent of those asked have faith in Wenatex.

Constant improvement of the sleep advice services

We attach great value to the individual, comprehensive and sound advice for our customers. Therefore, we constantly develop valuable information material, in which we take into account the latest developments and findings in the field of sleep research.

The result of this constant further development is that the satisfaction of our customers has climbed to a satisfying 99 per cent. Furthermore, 97 per cent of our customers could imagine recommending a sleep advice appointment to others.

This is what Wenatex customers have to say:


satisfied with the advice, products and services


improved sleep through Wenatex products


“Wenatex is a company that I can trust:”


overall satisfaction with the Wenatex sleep consultation