Wenatex: backed by decades of success

Wenatex is a highly successful enterprise that has coordinated operations from its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, for more than 25 years. A large number of related independent companies have since been established in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. For several decades now, the name Wenatex has stood for information concerning healthy and restful sleep, as well as for a truly unique product – the Wenatex Sleep system.

Healthy sleep for a better life

The concept.

When it comes to restful sleep, our credo is: Only the best is good enough. This is why we only offer one single sleep system: the best. We have invested many years of research and development into this component system solution and we even manufacture the products ourselves. Permanent optimisation through our in-house testing department combined with our collaboration with renowned testing and certification institutions are just a couple of the key factors that put us at the top of the list within this segment. Find out for yourself!

Three values, one promise.

Human beings and their holistic sense of well-being are the absolute focal point of our work. With the aid of our products aimed to ensure healthy, comfortable sleep, we want to provide a higher quality of life – through trust, innovation and uniqueness.


The wenaCel® sensitive sleep system.


Innovation for healthy sleep.