Wenatex sleep consultation
Personal consultation within the comfort of your own home.

A personal Wenatex sleep consultation is informative, easygoing and time-saving. Because you don’t have to drive to the consultant, the consultant comes to your home. During the consultation, our sleep expert will investigate any sleeping problems that you may have, no matter how large or small, and will then help you to remediate the cause. Our sleep expert will also inform you about the latest sleep research findings and innovations, such as the beneficial effects that can be provided by medicinal herbs. You will find out how Wenatex has integrated numerous innovations and years of experience into the new orthopaedic sleep system.


  • Information about healthy sleep and orthopaedically correct lying support
  • Analysis of individual sleep problems
  • Answers to questions about sleep
  • Presentation of the unique Wenatex sleep system including a personal test

Lie down and relax: try the wenatex sleep system for yourself

Your sleep advisor will bring the entire orthopaedic sleep system to the appointment so that you have the opportunity to try it out and find out for yourself what orthopaedic comfort really means. The sleep experts will show you what is important when choosing a bed and why it is important that the individual components of a bed – bed base, mattress, pillow and duvet – should harmonise well with one another.

Wenatex sleep consultation: innovative and entertaining

You can invite family members, friends and acquaintances to your sleep consultation appointment. Whatever age the guests are, advice on healthy sleep is interesting and important to everyone. The experienced sleep expert will answer all your questions on the subject of sleep at your appointment. The sleep consultation is held as a cosy get-together in which you can find out lots of new things regarding healthy sleep and its contribution to your health.

Frequently asked questions concerning the Wenatex sleep consultation

    • Does the sleep advice appointment take place in my bedroom?
    • No, you can just sit comfortably on your couch or wherever you and your guests feel most comfortable. Sometimes the appointment can even take place in the garden, weather and surrounding conditions permitting.
    • Why should I take part in a Wenatex sleep consultation?
    • Healthy sleep is the basis for a healthy life. Only those who enjoy restful and healthy sleep are able to start their day full of energy. Not many people take the time to really think deeply about this vitally important subject. Physical ailments, such as tension, headaches or back problems, are often not merely a result of age or personal circumstances, but are frequently the result of orthopaedically incorrect lying support and associated lack of regeneration during the night. The sleep advisor will deal with your personal questions concerning sleep and will then present individual solutions to help improve your sleep quality.
    • Who can I invite to my sleep consultation?
    • All those who are near and dear to you, people you like to spend time with or those who you know to have sleep disorders or physical problems.
    • Why does the appointment take place within my home?
    • Within your own personal surrounds, you have the opportunity to directly ask your sleep advisor any questions that you may have regarding healthy sleep without feeling the pressure of time. You can discuss any sleep disorders or physical problems that you may have and find out how to alleviate those problems and improve your sleeping habits. The experienced sleep advisor takes as much time as YOU need.

Experiences with the Wenatex sleep consultation

Around 100,000 Wenatex appointments take place every year. According to a recently customer survey carried out by the Gfk market research institute, 99% of hosts and guests were highly satisfied with this free advice service. Around 97% of those questioned would also recommend the Wenatex sleep advice service to their friends, acquaintances and relatives.


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