wenaCool® Cooling bed set
Perfect for summer

The wenaCool® range of products have been specifically developed for the warm season. Thanks to their special technology, they ensure a pleasant and cool sleep experience all night long. So you can start the day refreshed and relaxed even during those high summer temperatures.

The unique wenaCool® fleece

The high-tech fleece with its honeycomb structure made of cooling microcapsules is quilted directly with the pillow case and the duvet. The pleasantly cooling effect is immediately noticeable. The temperature remains in the comfortable range for a long time and therefore ensures a comfortable sleep.

  • Cooling effect without freezing
  • Perfect for the warm season
  • Washable at 60 °C
  • Easy to clean and hygienic


wenaCool® mattress topper with cooling effect.


wenaCool® duvet for restful nights without sweating.


wenaCool® pillow with cooling high-tech fleece.