wenaCel® sensitive MATTRESS COVER:
Gentle comfort the whole night through.

Thanks to the natural moisture and temperature management afforded by the TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, the wenaCel® sensitive mattress cover is particularly skin-friendly and an unbeatable sense of comfort. Adapted to suit the ergonomic design of the brook pebble core, even the cover ensures formfitting comfort in 5 zones. The circulating airwave band in the cover ensures optimal aeration of the mattress core, ideal temperature equalisation and an exceptionally cosy sleeping climate.


The mattress cover is elaborately quilted with a fibrous air cushion made up of wenaLoft® fibre. wenaLoft® hollow fibre offers the highest possible quality when it comes to quilting mattress covers. The fibrous air cushion makes the cover fluffier to enhance the point elastic effect.


The Sanitized® hygiene function ensures hygienic cleanliness of the mattress cover. While Sanitized® works reliably against bacteria and mould spores, TENCEL® fibre is characterized by particularly good moisture management properties, which help to reduce bacterial growth in comparison to synthetic fibres or even cotton. Therefore, the wenaCel® sensitive orthopaedic mattress is ideally suitable for allergy sufferers.

Special characteristics of the wenaCel® sensitive mattress cover

  • Sanitized® hygiene function
  • Carefully hand sewn
  • Thanks to the wenaLoft® filling material and silk protein finish, the cover is fluffier than conventional mattress covers – for extra soft lying comfort
  • Particularly silky feel due to silk protein
  • Washable at 60 °C without loss of shape or effect
  • Amazing moisture management
  • Skin flora neutral
  • Suitable for babies and small children
  • 5-zone quilting for optimal formfitting comfort of the body
  • Circulating airwave band for both optimal aeration of the mattress core and ideal temperature equalisation
  • Circulating zip: easy handling, easy removal, separable in two parts
  • Interior-stitched edge binding: borders all material edges to ensure that loose threads don’t occur and that the circulating zip works well, time after time, even after long-term use
  • Outer fabric: high-grade double-layered TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre


wenaPur® cold foam core
for ergonomic lying comfort.


Mattress sizes – standard and
custom – to fit any bed.