wenatex® Aquastop incontinence mattress cover:
For sleep without worries, at home and away.

The wenatex® AquaStop Cover has been especially developed to suit the needs of children and adults alike. It affords the mattress reliable protection against wetness and stains. The waterproof topper has elastic holding straps at each corner to allow easy fixation at the respective 4 corners of the mattress. The breathable, easy-care and waterproof material is discreetly concealed beneath the bed sheet, ensuring hygienic comfort, and is washable at 60° C. The AquaStop Cover is ideal for taking with you when travelling, so you can always sleep on your own hygienic mattress protector.

Special characteristics of the wenatex® AquaStop Cover

  • Reliable special coating
  • Water impermeable special membranes
  • Hard-wearing
  • Skin-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Easy-care
  • Washable at 60°
  • Suitable for incontinence, for small children and for travelling
  • Available in all regular standard sizes and in custom sizes upon request


Innovation for healthy sleep: wenaCel® sensitive Orthopaedic Mattress.


Care instructions for your wenatex® AquaStop Cover