Care instructions for your wenaCel® sensitive pillow

Washing the pillow

The wenaCel® sensitive pillow can be washed at 60°C in the delicate wash cycle and is also suitable for drying in a tumble dryer. Use a mild liquid detergent for washing. Ensure that the detergent does not contain brightening agents, as these can cause unattractive stains. Do not use fabric softeners. You should wash your pillow at least twice per year in order to ensure hygienic conditions.

Tip: The pillowcase (or outer shell) can be washed separately or even together with the inlet. Important: the filling should always be washed in the inlet.

Aerating and shaking

It is important that the entire bed is well aerated. We recommend that you shake your pillow before aerating the bedroom in the mornings. This ensures that the filling is well aerated.

Change the pillowcase regularly

Due to the fact that the human body loses lots of moisture during the night, we recommend that you should regularly change the bedclothes, every one or two weeks, depending on the season and how heavily you may perspire.


The wenaCel® sensitive sleep system.


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