Care instructions for your wenaCel® sensitive comfort duvets

Washing the duvet

The wenaCel® sensitive comfort duvets are easy-care products. They can be washed at 60°C in the delicate wash cycle and they are also suitable for drying in a tumble dryer. Use a mild liquid detergent (without brightening agents), but no fabric softeners. You should wash your duvet at least twice per year in order to ensure hygienic conditions.

Aerating and shaking

Regular aeration and shaking of the duvet makes sure that the duvet stays fresh and cosy. All you need to do is to shake and throw back the duvet in the morning.

Change bedclothes regularly

An adult loses an average of around a half a litre of liquid each night. Bedclothes protect the duvet by absorbing a part of this moisture. This is why it is necessary to regularly change the bedclothes. Experts recommend that bedclothes are changed every two weeks. Those who perspire heavily or suffer from a house mite dust allergy should change the bedclothes on a weekly basis.


The wenaCel® sensitive sleep system.


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