Unique hygiene protection technology against mould spores and bacteria

Our new wenaCel® sensitive sleep system is protected by the highly efficient Swiss technology “Sanitized®”, which provides an antimicrobial effect. This ensures that the material has an excellent form of protection against bacteria and mould spores. Sanitized® products were subjected to dermatologic tests and are certified. Thanks to a process for which Wenatex has also filed a patent (AT 516549), the wenaPur® foam ensures long-term hygiene and is a unique worldwide innovation.


Suitable for allergy sufferers
Sanitized® works reliably against mould spores and bacteria

Those suffering with a house dust mite allergy often have to search for special allergen-proof mattresses and bedding. The Sanitized® hygiene function works like a protective shield against bacteria and mould spores, which makes the wenaCel® sensitive products particularly suitable for use by allergy sufferers.

Special characteristics of the Sanitized® hygiene function

  • Long-term effect and material protection
  • Works efficiently against bacteria and mould spores
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Maximum skin compatibility
  • Mattress cover, duvets and pillows washable at 60 °C

In the folowing Wenatex products

cold foam mattress core

wenaCel® sensitive
mattress cover

wenaCel® sensitive comfort
all-season duvet

wenaCel® sensitive comfort
summer duvet

wenaCel® sensitive comfort

wenaCel® sensitive
orthopaedic pillow

wenaLoft® comfort

For a sense of well-being: the unique Wenatex hollow fibre.

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre

High-tech fibre for unbeatable sleeping comfort.


wenaCel® sensitive Orthopaedic Sleep System.