wenatex wenaCel®

Hygiene & sleeping comfort:
For healthy sleep.

A hygienic sleeping climate and the best possible sleeping comfort are the basis for healthy sleep! An adult loses an average of around a half a litre of liquid each night. This moisture has to quickly evaporate from the bed before it offers a culture medium for bacteria and mould fungi. This is why Wenatex developed a sleep system with wenaCel® sensitive, which ensures a particularly high level of moisture management and provides additional direct protection against bacteria and mould spores thanks to the highly effective Sanitized® hygiene function. The wenaCel® sensitive product line features a unique and innovative combination of moisture absorbing TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, thermo-regulating, light and fluffy wenaLoft® comfort fibre and the highly efficient Sanitized® hygiene function. Hence, the Wenatex sleep system provides a unique combination of excellent sleeping comfort with unbeatable hygiene and cleanliness.

The innovation: the wenaCel® sensitive sleep system

Restful and regenerative sleep is the key to holistic well-being. Therefore, a top-quality and perfectly harmonised sleep system that ensures regeneration, healthy sleep and increased energy, nigh after night, is absolutely crucial. It facilitates an optimal sleeping climate and ensures ergonomically correct lying comfort. Wenatex has intensively researched the interplay of all of these factors, which has resulted in the development of a totally unique product. 


The wenaCel® sensitive sleep system.


Innovation for healthy sleep.