Wenatex helps children suffering with cancer

With a pre-Christmas donation of € 10,000.00 to the Children’s Cancer Aid Association in Salzburg, Wenatex adds a little brightness to the lives of children suffering with cancer. 

“Unfortunately, there are many people who are not as lucky as we are. Especially Children, as the youngest members of our society and our families, require particular care and affection. Therefore, it is our pleasure to be able to take the opportunity to support the Children’s Cancer Aid Association in Salzburg with our donation. We hope that this will provide a significant contribution toward promoting health and recovery from this serious illness and that we are able to brighten up the lives of many children, especially during the preChristmas period, say Sonja and Hans-Gerd ernicke, company founders and owners of the “Wenatex The Sleep System” sleep specialists after presenting a donation of € 10,000.00 to the Children’s Cancer Aid Association in Salzburg.

The long-established business, Wenatex, which is based in Salzburg, has been dedicated to promoting healthy sleep for a number of decades. The company favours individual sleeping advice and, together with scientists and renowned experts on sleep research, has developed a sleep system that meets the highest demands. In accordance with the philosophy “Sleep well, live better.” social commitment in other areas of health is simply a matter of course for the company.

Heide Janik, Chairwoman of the Children’s Cancer Aid Association in Salzburg, thanks Sonja and Hans-Gerd Wernicke for their social commitment by saying “This donation gives the young cancer sufferers in our care new courage and hope”. Among others, the following projects are realised and expanded upon with support provided by Wenatex: Mobile homecare, European Computer Driving Licence for adolescents suffering with cancer, painting/art/creative and music therapy, financial support for families with children suffering with cancer, as well as help in the fields of various research projects.

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