Wenatex Germany supports an awareness campaign against drugs at Mitternfelden’s grammar school in Ainring

Due to the fact that the number of drug offences and drug-related deaths among juveniles has increased dramatically over recent years, the new “Sucht-Hilfe” addiction aid advice magazine aims to support parents, teachers, training supervisors and various other education and care workers in creating an awareness of the dangers of addition.

The youth aid association known as Sucht- und Jugendhilfe (link) releases this magazine for the school year 2017/2018 within the scope of a new anti-drug campaign toward the prevention of addition. Thus, in addition to issues such as eating disorders, internet addiction and responsible alcohol consumption, the advice magazine also focuses heavily on the dangers of synthetically manufactured drugs, such as crystal meth and the so-called “legal highs”.

By sponsoring these advice magazines, which are distributed for free at schools, Wenatex Deutschland helps toward raising awareness about the necessity of drug prevention in order to avoid the danger of addition among juveniles. We wish the association great success in this highly commendable and vitally important campaign!