Support for Salzburg’s Children’s Village

In December 2008, the houses of the Children’s Village in Salzburg were filled with joy after a phone call was received from the Wenatex company and 45 Wenatex quilts and Sleepys were delivered to the doorstep the following day.
Each child living in a total of five Children’s Village houses in Salzburg received their very own quilt and our mascot, Sleepy, to cuddle up or play with. The child care workers, who spend many a night in the Children’s Village houses, also received a total of five quilts.

The children living in the Children’s Village houses are looked after on a long-term basis and in family-like conditions, because their biological parents are, for various reasons, unable to take care of their offspring. There are currently 40 children between the ages of 6 and 18 who have found themselves a secure new home within the Children’s Village in Salzburg. Although the houses of Salzburg’s Children’s Village are financed by the local government, any additional contribution – whether funded by private persons or by companies, such as Wenatex – is a great help for the organisation. The managing director of Salzburg’s Children’s Villages thanked Wenatex for such a generous contribution: “There are so many extraordinary expenses, which we have to face each day, that we are really grateful for any kind of aid”.