Social welfare organisation Diakoniewerk Salzburg: Wenatex Austria sponsors the building of a 2nd Kulinarium site in Salzburg with 10,000 euros

The Kulinarium Salzburg, a facility of Diakoniewerk Salzburg, is an employment and training facility designed to integrate people with disabilities and learning difficulties. “Kulinarium” stands for the production of high quality meals for catering events, lunches and buffets – providing schools, kindergartens and companies with freshly prepared food every day. The staff at Wenatex also enjoy the delicious meals from this facility.

The main focus of this innovative concept is not only the food itself, but the social aspect: With the help of professional educators, people with disabilities prepare for a self-determined life and responsibility in the workplace. 5 young people with learning difficulties are currently doing a partial apprenticeship as a chef. When they have completed it, they will get help finding a job in the normal job market. This gives them access to living and working environments in our society that are normally not open to them.

To meet the rise in demand and to offer prospects to 18 more people with disabilities, another Kulinarium site in the Riedenburg district is planned for autumn 2018 with the support of the state of Salzburg, the “Licht ins Dunkel” TV charity event and sponsors. To help this important and sustainable project, Wenatex Das Schlafsystem is donating €10,000; we wish the Diakoniewerk much success.