Rescued by the cavalry

The future of Lori, a young foal that lost its mother and now roams the grounds of the Aiderbichl Manor, is secure. Wenatex adopted the unfortunate foal. 

Sometimes life can be really cruel. One example of this is the fate of Lori, the foal that was born on the Aiderbichl Manor, which is an animal paradise in Henndorf. The foal’s mother died just a few hours after giving birth – the young foal’s life hung upon a thread of silk.

Lori had a case of double luck, because two life savers have joined forces to ensure that the young foal survives and can look forward to a secure and happy future at the manor: Surrogate mother Hilde and Winatex as the godfather. Hilde the mare lovingly looks after Lori. However, in order to be able to cater for a horse – for example the provision of fodder, care or veterinary costs – money is needed. And Wenatex gives Lori the necessary financial support.