Heartfelt concern: Wenatex suuports initiative against breast cancer

Since 2012, the LandFrauen from district Achern have sewn colourful heart-shaped cushions on a voluntary basis for women suffering from breast cancer. This initiative goes by the motto “Hearts against pain”. The cushions are given to the cancer patients as a symbolic gesture to give them courage and hope, but also to help them forget their physical suffering. Due to their special heart shape, the soft cushions can be held between the arm and body to relieve pressure from the operation scar and to prevent a possible blockage of the lymphatic flow. Around 75,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Germany. Hence, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer illness among women. Initiatives like this are not only intended to support those concerned, but also to create more awareness among healthy women and to remind them how important it is for them to have regular checkups.

Wenatex donates filling material for more heart-shaped cushions

The LandFrauen from Lauf and Fautenbach have already produced around a thousand pillows. The cushions were presented to clinics in Offenburg and Baden-Baden in Germany.

The cushions are also a symbol of compassion and solidarity. The LandFrauen want to continue sewing as many cushions as possible. In order to make it possible, not only are lots of committed women needed, who provide their hours of work for free, but the respective material also has to come from somewhere.

“Around 50g of filling material is needed for each cushion.” explains Gabi Haas, from the LandFrauen Wolfach. The ladies were delighted when Wenatex declared that the company would donate filling material fort he next 320 heart-shaped cushions. A total of 16 kg of hollow fibre filling were donated by the enterprise from Austria for this amazing initiative. The Wenatex representatives Kai Lauer and Bettina Kienzler personally handed over the donation. The LandFrauen ladies are delighted: “The filling material from Wenatex is ideal for our cushions, because it is so light and soft “This will allow us to bring a little joy to many other women and to alleviate some of their suffering.”

Sales consultants Kai Lauer and Bettina Kienzler handing over 16 kg of hollow fibre filling to the LandFrauen (Countrywomen’s Association) from the Achern district.