A little mobility

We need your help: Wenatex heeds this appeal and, therefore, supports the Verein zur Förderung körper- und mehrfachbehinderter Kinder und Jugendlicher (The Association for the Aid of Physically and Multiple-Handicapped Children and Adolescents).

The association, which, among other things, provides transportation possibilities for the handicapped children, so that they can visit school, go on trips, or take part in therapeutic activities, urgently sought a minibus, which would provide enough room for around eight wheelchairs. The bus was to be financed by advertising space, which was to be provided for interested companies. For the aid of a good cause, Wenatex was quite taken with this financing suggestion and spontaneously declared willingness to help to give the children a little mobility and to support the idea.

And when the Children’s Cancer Aid Association in Salzburg urgently needed a minibus in order to look after and provide home care for the little patients of the Landeskrankenhaus (Regional Hospital) Salzburg, Wenatex supported the financing of the bus by sponsoring an advertising panel on the vehicle. The bus now allows the children suffering with cancer to receive home care and medical supervision and saves them the often troublesome journey to the hospital. The little patients can be visited by doctors within the security and comfort of their own homes.