“A dream donation”: 700 duvets for SOS Children’s Villages

Wenatex presents 700 duvets to SOS Children’s Villages and becomes a partner of the SOS Children’s Village society.

In addition to their commitment toward promoting healthy, restful sleep, Wenatex has also been involved in social activities for a number of years. The promotion of numerous relief projects and financial and material support, particularly for those who don’t exactly bask on the sunny side of life, are extremely important issues for the company.

Among others, one of the current aid projects is the support of the non-profit-making organisation SOS Children’s Villages, which provides care for children in need, parentless or neglected children. Wenatex provides aid in the form of financial and material donations. The most recent donation was made in April 2010 and consisted of 700 Wenatex duvets, 500 of which were donated in Germany and 200 in Austria.

With a total of 500 donated duvets, Wenatex ensures that the children of the SOS Children’s Village in Germany sleep comfortably. Included in photo: Michael and Hans-Gerd Wernicke from Wenatex, Sandra Frey, Annett Geßler and Tanja Korn from the SOS Children’s Village Society, and Sonja Wernicke from Wenatex.

“Every company is an integral part of society, thus, each carries social responsibilities”, emphasises the owner of the Wenatex company, Hans-Gerd Wernicke, during the presentation of the “dream donation” to the SOS Children’s Villages in Germany. “We have always taken our responsibility very seriously and will continue to do so.”

Thus, the year 2010 is marked by the partnership between Wenatex and the SOS Children’s Village Society. The numerous sponsoring activities, which are planned by Wenatex within the scope of this partnership, will also provide more social warmth during the coming months.