Wenatex: social commitment is important to the company

Not only is healthy sleep important to the business, but Wenatex also attaches great importance to social commitment. Wenatex has been involved in various social projects for many years and supports several SOS Children’s Village centres in Germany and Austria, as well as the Kinderkrebshilfe (Children’s Cancer Aid Association) and Kinderseelenhilfe (Children’s Mental Health Initiative) in Salzburg.

In collaboration with Pro Mente, Wenatex also employs a number of people with mental impairments within the company. The re-entry into a work environment gives these people a new, positive perspective in life. Wenatex has already received several awards for the company’s ongoing commitment, one of which is the Promentus, an award given by Pro Mente.  Wenatex was even nomiated for the Corporate Responsibility Award in 2012. This prize awarded by the Minister of Social Affairs annually honours companies for particularly sustainable social projects.

Socially committed: Wenatex donates mattresses, duvets and pillows

Children are especially important to the company owners Sonja and Hans-Gerd Wernicke. This is why the company has repeatedly provided financial support for various SOS Children’s Village centres in Germany and Austria and why Wenatex donated mattresses and duvets for the children. After all, restful, healthy sleep is an absolute prerequisite for health and well-being – not only for adults. Among others, the children at the SOS Children’s Village Pfalz were delighted to receive the new Wenatex mattresses: “A great gift, the new mattresses absolutely fantastic!” say the kids. In May 2012, Wenatex also donated duvets, pillows and the matching bedclothes to the clearing house of the SOS Children’s Villages in Salzburg.

Improved quality of life – thanks to Wenatex

Wenatex stands for an improved quality of life. Not only in terms of healthy sleep, but also in many other areas. Wenatex helped 31-year old Birgit Trinko increase her mobility. The enterprise donated a “Speedy” auxiliary drive for her wheelchair. Now she is able to cope with everyday life with much more ease, because thanks to “Speedy” she can now move her wheelchair without any effort.

9-year old Martina Wildauer can now also enjoy more quality of life since Wenatex recently donated an orthopaedic sleep system to the severely handicapped girl from Wattens in Tyrol, Austria. Martina’s mother is particularly delighted about the electrically adjustable bed base, which makes it so much easier for her to take care of her daughter.