Wenatex products: quality made in Austria

The Austrian business of Wenatex, which is based in Salzburg, stands for top-quality made in Austria. The traditional company has been active in the area of sleep research for decades, working closely together with renowned sleep research experts in order to develop its products.

Intensive research, development and production combined with the latest technology ensure that the tradition-seeped Wenatex company is always a step ahead. Wenatex is supported by various national and international product experts in the performance of day-to-day research and development work. Only particularly high-grade materials are used, which guarantees a particularly long service life of the products.

Wenatex quality meets the highest demands 

Regular, extensive tests ensure the long-lasting, high quality of the Wenatex products: The company-internal quality control is performed with the aid the company’s own testing machine, which complies with DIN 1957 and the LGA Directives. In addition to this, quality tests are also continuously performed by external, independent institutes, such as the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology. “We are only satisfied when our products fulfil the highest quality standards. This means that they have to fit the body perfectly, feel pleasant on the skin, and they also have to be both durable and easy to clean. Our products should constitute a wise investment in health and well-being and set new standards in the area of orthopaedic sleep systems.” explains Wenatex founder Hans-Gerd Wernicke.

In the year 2004, Wenatex established the subsidiary company for research, development and production “Wenatex Forschung-Entwicklung-Produktion GmbH” . The company’s own testing department works on the continuous further development of the Wenatex Sleep System. Among other things, this department is responsible for the performance of intensive testing and research operations, as well as the suitability testing of materials, which may be used in the development of Wenatex products in future.

Wenatex Sleep Systems: Highly innovative and of the highest quality 

Thanks to constant research and development work, Wenatex is able to incorporate a variety of innovations, such as silver thread and medicinal herbs, into their products to facilitate restful, healthy sleep. A large number of Wenatex products, including pillows, duvets, mattress cores and mattress ticks, make use of the positive effects that silver provides. The silver in the sleep system provides a climate regulating, antibacterial and germ- and odour-inhibiting effect.
A particularly peaceful and restful sleep is facilitated by the original Wenatex alpine herb regeneration insert, which combines the numerous soothing effects of medicinal herbs. A total of 17 different herbs are included in the patented regeneration insert, which is presented in the customary top-quality in line with all Wenatex products.