Wenatex plant in Ranshofen: over fifty thousand mattresses produced already


The Wenatex business in Salzburg opened up its new plant in Ranshofen almost a year ago. With the aid of the latest technology, over fifty thousand Wenatex orthopaedic mattresses were produced there for customers all over Europe. The production facility in Ranshofen has the latest production plants and testing equipment at its disposal for the production of the Wenatex Sleep System.

With the launching of its own mattress production plant in Ranshofen, the business has set yet another milestone. Special customer requests can now be met much more easily, because a mattress of practically any size and shape can be ordered and produced within just a few days at the plant in Ranshofen.

Wenatex mattress: Tested quality

Even when it comes to quality assurance, Wenatex mattress production standards go far beyond the usual test procedures. In addition to regular tests performed by individual test institutes, Wenatex in Ranshofen has also developed a unique concept for internal quality testing. Within a multistage testing process, both the quality and workmanship of the used materials are subjected to thorough examinations. “Because this is the only way that we can ensure that the products manufactured by us are able to meet the highest standards of quality that we feel our customers deserve.” explains Wenatex Germany Director Michael Wernicke.

Silver in the core and cover of the Wenatex mattress

For many years now, Wenatex has been active in the research and development of products that facilitate healthy and restful sleep. Together with leading experts in the area of sleep research, Wenatex has developed the SilverMed® orthopaedic sleep system. Wenatex makes use of the beneficial effects of silver, which are well known in the medical world. Silver provides antibacterial, bacteriostatic and germ-inhibiting effects – even in the Wenatex mattress. This is because silver is incorporated in both the mattress core and in the mattress cover. Silver also facilitates a reduction of allergens caused by house dust mites, which makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.