Top athletes sleep on the Wenatex sleep system

Healthy sleep is particularly important to professional athletes. A holistic regeneration of body and mind is the basis for success in sport and the absolute prerequisite for peak performances. This is why many athletes trust in a high-quality orthopaedic sleep system, such as that from Wenatex. Athletes such as the professional mountainbikers Robert and Alexander Gehbauer, the successful swimmer Martin Spitzer or former FC-Bayern and German international player Norbert Eder.

The Wenatex research team deals intensively with questions concerning healthy sleep for years and, together with renowned sleep research and product experts, has developed a sleep system that stands for maximum regeneration and a holistic sense of well-being and features optimal ergonomic characteristics.

Mountain bike pros swear by the Wenatex sleep system

The mountain bike aces Robert and Alexander Gehbauer really appreciate the spezial characteristics of the Wenatex sleep system. “We now really know what it means to enjoy regenerative sleep.” they both explain. In terms of healthy sleep, the two brothers no longer make compromises since they have experienced sleep on Wenatex. Hence, they have even equipped their motorhome with the entire Wenatex sleep system to ensure they are able to render top performance when they drive to competitions. The two pros are sure: “A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential to ensure physical regeneration, especially during training and before competing. We find that there are three essential pillars that support athletic success – trainig, nutrition and sleep.” the two reveal.

The former FC Bayern player is totally convinced by the Wenatex sleep system

Regenerative sleep also plays a major role in the life of the former professional soccer player Norbert Eder. The former international and FC-Bayern player is convinced by the quality and effect of the orthopaedic mattress and pillow from Wenatex: “I’ve always considered restful sleep to be of great importance and as an athlete I know how important it is to recuperate. “You don’t just sleep well on the Wenatex mattress, sleep becomes an absolute pleasure.”