New study by University Professor. Dr. Manfred Walzl: the influence that Wenatex sleep system has on sleep stages


Sleep basically rules our lives. Almost 3000 hours per year, an average of 24 years in a lifetime, are spent sleeping. Although a person spends so much time in bed, the importance of a mattress is often totally underestimated. Millions of people in Central Europe suffer from sleep disorders. These cause considerable restrictions to the quality of life. Therefore, the family enterprise from Salburg has dealt with the subject of healthy sleep for years. Constant collaboration with national ans international experts in the field of sleep research provides valuable information for the further development of Wenatex products.

Sleep stage study involving the Wenatex sleep system

A pilot study was carried out with 459 people in the Sleep Research Department of the LKH Hospital Graz-South-West from October 2014 till October 2015. 231 of the test subjects slept on a Wenatex mattress. The control group slept on conventional products.

The evaluation showed distinct advantages in favour of those sleeping on a Wenatex sleep system:

The awake stage before falling to sleep was shortened by 4.8% and the time between going to bed and getting up was shortened by 6.3%.

The study demonstrated that the Wenatex sleep system has a positive effect on the individual sleep stages:

  • The S1 twilight sleep stage was reduced by 3.1%, the S2 sleep stage by 5.7%.
  • The duration of the S3 and S4 deep, regenerating stages increased considerably by 8.6 and 6.9% respectively.
  • The REM stages essential for cerebral performance were considerably lengthened: by 3.8%.

Particularly remarkable: The vast majority of those using the Wenatex sleep system declared that they were “highly satisfied” and considered it to be “better than their previous mattress”. In the control group, an the other hand, around 43% of the users evaluated the conventional sleep system “not really or not satisfied”.

These results distinctly demonstrate that an innovative sleep system can provide a significant contribution toward improving the overall sleep profile.

This also clearly reveals that not only the duration is decisive to healthy sleep, but the actual quality of sleep, which is dependent on the sleep stages. This was impressively proven by the study.

From a sleep research perspective, the Wenatex sleep system can, therefore, make a significant contribution toward reducing sleep-related disorders.

University Professor Dr. Manfred Walzl is both a general practitioner and a specialist in the field of neurology and psychiatry. He is the head of the Sleep Research Department at the Landesnervenklinik (Psychiatric Clinic) in Graz, Austria. Among other subjects, his main work and research focus lie in the area of road safety and occupational medicine. He has written six books and has released over 1,600 published works.