GfK survey 2012: customer satisfaction with Wenatex products amounted to 99 %

During a recently performed survey carried out by the GfK market research institute, customers gave the Wenatex business excellent grades. For many years now, the tradition-seeped company from Salzburg has stood for excellent advice and top-quality products that ensure healthy sleep. Wenatex has specialised in providing information and advice on healthy sleep directly in the homes of customers. The result of the survey is conclusive: Customers highly appreciate the expert consultation and the top-quality of the Wenatex products.

In October 2012, the GfK opinion research institute carried out a second customer satisfaction survey with Wenatex customers. As in the previous independent survey, which was held in the year 2010, the current survey also provided excellent results, and some of the values even showed improvements. Wenatex customers were questioned on their level of satisfaction with the Wenatex sleep consultation service and products, as well as their general opinion of the Wenatex company.

Customers show great faith in Wenatex 

99 % of the interviewed customers stated that Wenatex is a company that they trust. Just as many customers felt that they were appreciated by Wenatex. Thus, the results from 2010, which were already excellent, showing 98 % customer satisfaction, were exceeded once again.

Customer satisfaction with Wenatex products amounted to 99 % 

Customers were also impressed by the quality of Wenatex products. Practically all of those questioned were satisfied with the quality of both the materials used to make the products and their workmanship. The level of sleeping comfort was also given a positive rating by 98 % of customers. 87 % of those questioned even stated that their sleep had improved since they began using Wenatex products. 96 % of customers would also be willing to recommend Wenatex products to friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Customers appreciate the practical benefits of the Wenatex sleep consultation 

Almost 100 % of the surveyed customers particularly appreciate the practical benefits of a sleep consultation. The level of satisfaction with the information content and the presentation of the Wenatex products also amounted to a proud figure of 99 %.